Written by Sheyla Rodriguez, Junior at CVHS

What automobile company also makes sausages? Who is the captain of the enterprise in Star Trek? What is the surname shared by an artist and president who passed the Alien and Sedition Acts? Perhaps you know the answer to a couple of these questions. Maybe you do not, but what matters is, would you like to know?
These were some of the questions that the Chula Vista Academic League members encountered. This past Wednesday, April 12th at 3 PM, seven Spartans played against Otay Ranch High School. It was a challenging and exciting game that culminated in a score of 380-330 points. Students in the 11th, 12th, and 10th grade worked together. Some focused on Chemistry, some excelled in History, and some even earned the team a couple of points with their amazing grasp of sports. Sarah Balatbat, Giancarlo Celiceo, Naturelle James, Sheyla Rodriguez, and Cecilia Ymaz were the starting five players in the match. The game proved to be neck and neck, as the Mustangs held a lead, Spartans were quick to surpass it. Yet there was a clear winner, there was a great level of confidence as the coach Mr. Griepenstroh addressed his team. The players remained focused, calm, and they had their fun, sighing as they missed a question, but activating once more as they answered one. Rotations were made and Benjamin Labelle, as well as Vanessa Nunez joined the set team of 5 players. Ben, the Africa connoisseur, and Vanessa, who dominates in History, were quick to lift up the spirits and help secure a strong lead. The match was challenging and as players Giancarlo Celiceo and Sheyla Rodriguez were brought back, it was clear that winning or losing depended on 2 more questions. Otay answered the 22nd question out of a total of 24 and crushed their bonus round. The tension was high, players anxiously listened to their last 2 questions, but Cecilia Ymaz remained calm and gave the answer. The game took a turn and Chula dominated once more, the bonus rounds proved to be rewarding and it was then that the Otay students recognized that it was game over.
“This was a crushing defeat” said a Junior in the Otay Ranch team. Some had their cameras off, but those who did not, smiled and acknowledged that although they had lost, it had been a thrilling game.
Sarah Balatbat and Cecilia Ymaz performed outstandingly. There was confidence as Sarah answered a Philippines question, her homeland, or when Naturelle knew of the Florida Gators. Each member contributed to the best of their ability, Giancarlo buzzed in right away during a Chemistry question, quickly identifying that the answer was “Amino Acids.” Also, when Ben knew of the Roosevelt Bull Moose Party, or when Sheyla knew of Eva from Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Otay played well, but they stood no chance against the enthusiastic, hardworking, and driven students of Chula.
As we wait for Friday, our last match, we hope that Daniel Villalobos and Elizabeth Medina join us. Members of the team who although did not play, stayed, and watched the team’s victory. This was definitely a match worthy of victory candy. Perhaps YOU will join the club, play a few matches, make new friends, and earn some well-deserved chocolate. We will see you then.
Congratulations to the Academic League team for winning against Otay Ranch. The potential and unity was as clear as water that day. Winning against a traditionally strong adversary has provided the Chula Vista Academic League members with the gratifying thrill of victory. This success can only be hoped to foreshadow the future matches that our Spartans will face.