Written by Cecilia Ymaz, Sophomore at CVHS


Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. Yet, it’s not necessarily that there isn’t enough time — it’s the way we perceive it. The Pomodoro technique is extremely efficient in maximizing productivity as you become consistent with working for a constant amount of time following a short break. 

The Pomodoro Technique is often used with the 25/5 method, meaning that you study for 25 minutes and have a 5-minute break afterward. However, you can also use the 50/10 method for a longer studying session. Having short breaks in between studying periods has been proven to sharpen your concentration and keep your mind fresh. If you are new to the Pomodoro technique, you may find it difficult to get tasks done within 25 minutes. Sooner or later, you’ll become increasingly efficient at finishing assignments while maintaining quality work. 

Distance learning has made it difficult for many students to pay attention for long periods of time and have excellent time management. Personally, assignments that used to take less than 30 minutes to complete sometimes take me a lot longer to finish. Using the Pomodoro technique has helped me create a structured daily routine that keeps me on track. It also gives me an opportunity to take my eyes off of the computer that I stare at all day long during quick breaks, which are more beneficial than they may seem!

Start using the Pomodoro technique today! There is an overwhelming amount of Pomodoro resources available on the internet including Pomofocus, a simple website using the 25/5 method. You can also customize the time in Settings (located in the top right corner of the website). 

There are also YouTube channels dedicated to making “Study With Me” videos if you are struggling with motivation to study. These videos are especially helpful for students at home that enjoy studying with others without any distractions. Simply typing “Study With Me” in the YouTube search bar will display hundreds of videos to choose from depending on whether you enjoy background noises (e.g. rain sounds), music, or even a nice view to look at during your break. Merve is a YouTube channel based in Scotland with serene sights of sunsets, cloudy days, and more. 

I hope you can find this technique useful and incorporate it into your daily routine! 

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