Written by Cecilia Ymaz, Sophomore at CVHS

Never in my life would I have imagined sitting at my desk for more than 7 hours a day and joining classes through my laptop. Adapting to the new normal has been a unique experience that has taught me a lot about taking care of myself. Digital platforms like Zoom have been implemented into my everyday life in positive ways. Today, I hope to share with you the most memorable parts of quarantine that I highly recommend adding to your weekly to-do list!   

  • Take advantage of online platforms to socialize with your friends.

I have mentioned this before in my blog about making every day ten times better. After almost an entire year of staying at home, I have learned to cherish the Zoom calls I have with my friends almost every day. So far, I have tried Zoom karaoke, online games (skribbl.io, Kahoot!, GamePigeon, etc.), and have experimented with fun virtual backgrounds. I highly recommend taking the time to socialize with your friends at least a few times a week because it helps you in improving your mental health. Even if you are too busy with school assignments, schedule a time to study with your friends and listen to calming music. 

  • Join a club at our school.

You can also MAKE friends at after-school meetings hosted by our school’s virtual clubs. There are many new and ongoing clubs at our school looking for members to join and enjoy the fun activities they have to offer.  To name a few, Dance Club, Model UN, and Bilingual Students of CVH are some of the clubs that meet every week! Being at home almost 24/7 has reduced so much of the physical interactions shared at school. Join some of the virtual extracurriculars we have at school and learn something new! If you want to find out more about the current clubs at our school, check the ASB’s Instagram page (@cvhs_asb) to see our Club Week posts.

  • Learn how to cook at home.

Cooking is a life skill that EVERYONE needs to know. If you give it a try, cooking can be extremely fun — and delicious! Take advantage of all the time we have at home by utilizing your kitchen and creating wonderful memories at home. Studies show that cooking can help us with our mental health and serve as a therapy to some. By accomplishing new recipes, learning how to be creative with food, and connecting with others through cooking, this vital skill for life also keeps us mentally healthy. If you are interested in learning how to cook, check out this article with 55 recipes you can try at home.

  • Stay active by taking walks on a regular basis.

It has been at least 11 months since we have been stuck at home. Distance learning has likely taken a toll on your mental health and mindset at some point. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get some sunshine every day. Even if it is just for thirty minutes, going outside can support you physically and mentally. Plus, it has been proven that your immune system is strengthened when you go outdoors and exercise. 

Don’t let this pandemic discourage you! While we can’t control some of the challenges we face, we have the opportunity to grow from them. Make the most out of this time we have at home by trying new things that will bring positive impacts into your life. Most importantly, do not give up. 

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