Week 3 Challenge: Mental Health

Spartans! This week's challenge is bringing awareness to mental health and offering the resources for it. Every Monday, the your ASB officers prepare a Mindful Monday activity at lunch. Here are some featured Mindful Monday posts to help you look after your mental health at home.

Check out the Mindful Mondays Category to browse through activites!

Growth Mindset

Learn the importance of having a growth mindset and how you can develop your own with a presentation made by Yesenia Ugalde.


Origami helps develop imagination and patience. Hosted by Yesenia Ugalde, learn how to make paper stars and paper cranes with the videos provided!

Breathing Exercises

In this video made by Yesenia Ugalde, you will be walked through some breathing exercises made to reduce stress levels and increase energy.

Guided Meditation

Take a moment to meditate for some motivation and a more optimistic mindset using this guided meditation video! (Hosted by Shazelle Barrameda) 

Online Coloring

Check out this presentation made by Shazelle Barrameda to learn about the benefits of coloring.

Train your brain to be more optimistic by writing down positive affirmations provided by Shazelle Barrameda!

Recipe Book

Food is a factor that can help us improve our mental health. Check out Lailah Equihua’s presentation on mental health and diet.

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