Written by Sammy the Spartan, CVHS Mascot

           Hello Chula Vista high students! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the face of yours truly,
Sammy the Spartan. Today I’ll be telling you a bit about myself, the writer behind the mask.
           Contrary to the history of Sammy the Spartan that would indicate I am 73 years old based
on our school’s founding date (1947), I am in fact 17 years old. I am a senior who is a part of the
SCPA program. Other than the performing arts, I am quite fond of writing and have taken up the
identity of Sammy the Spartan. In my spare time, I enjoy arts and crafts and you can find me just
about any day delving into a new project or mapping out my next one. If we were on campus you
might find me racing from class to class stumbling over myself to get to my next class on time,
but for now, I’ll be sitting in bed, pencil ready in hand, doing homework and binge-watching The
Office for the millionth time.
          I am hoping to make this blog a positive and inclusive space where anyone can gather
and take a moment out of their day to read and hopefully find content that is relatable,
entertaining, or helpful. I plan on discussing topics such as mental health, coping mechanisms,
staying productive during quarantine, advice columns, and simple entries on suggestions from
Sammy the Spartan or your fellow Spartan peers. I also plan on having some interactive blogs
where we can do seasonal crafts together during holidays. As the blog entries move forward I
would love to receive suggestions or requests! My email address can be found down below.
           If you wish to discover my identity stick around the Sammy the Spartan blogs throughout
the year for the grand reveal. Or try to figure out my identity based on a series of clues given
throughout this year’s entries. Last but not least, always remember Spartans, do the right thing!
This is Sammy the Spartan, signing off.
Email Address: sammy.spartan.cvhs@gmail.com

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