Written by Cecilia Ymaz, Sophomore at CVHS

Have you ever wondered if there was more than just the templates that Google Slides or PowerPoint provide you with? Well, the answer is YES. There are several websites that provide free, unique templates for a variety of presentations. The most popular are Slidesgo and Slides Carnival. Check out this tutorial to see how to download and use a template from Slidesgo today!

Step 1: Choose a template from Slidesgo. On the homepage, you will find several categories that will help you look for a template that will best suit your presentation.



Step 2: Click “Google Slides” located at the bottom right corner of the screen. You may download a PowerPoint presentation, too.


Step 3: Click “Make a copy.” This will store the slides into your default Google account.


Step 4: Create a BLANK presentation and click “Import theme,” located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, click the most recent presentation in your Drive.


Step 5: Once you have your presentation set up with a new template, you can go to “Layout” and find the rest of the customized slides.