Written by Ms. Cabe and Mr. Neria

Good afternoon Spartans!

We hope you had an opportunity to take the personality test yesterday and find out what career areas interest you.

Today’s focus is to start preparing for your next career move! Please check out the website sponsored by the US Department of Labor with information about Careers. The middle search area has great information on various careers, including information about education, skills, and characteristics needed for tons of jobs! See the link below to access this great site:

What do you want to do for a living?

Happy career hunting!

Mrs. Cabe and Mr. Neria

Buenas tardes Spartans!

Esperamos que hayan tenido oportunidad de tomar el examen de personalidad ayer y descubrieron que carrera les interesa.

Hoy el enfoque es de prepararlos para su siguiente movida de preparacion. Por favor revisen la pagina patrozinada por el Departamento de Labor estado unidense! La pagina contiene gran informacion de varias carreras, incluyendo datos de educacion, habilidades y caracteristicas para cada trabajo. Por favor usen este link:

Que quieren hacer para ganar dinero?

Suerte en su busqueda!

Sra. Cabe y Sr. Neria

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